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About Us

Our Passion Is To Help Your business Succeed!​

Our Evolution

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Orlando, FL, BryteBridge is a charity startup and development company that offers business consulting services to help business organizations startup build-up, and maintain compliance.

Over the years, we have discovered the specific attention needed by business organizations. As a business consulting firm, BryteBridge provides you with the specialized assistance you need to form a successful and sustainable organization.

Expanding from business registration services in 2004, our current consultative approach pairs each client with a dedicated team consisting of both a business consultant and business specialist. Using this approach, we are confident we develop the solutions you need to start or grow your business organization. 

Organizations turn to us for assistance with their business needs. From incorporation and 501c3 filing to strategic plan development, accounting, web design, marketing, and everything in between, we work to get our clients on the right track for success!

We believe our business solutions, commitment to excellent customer service, business education, and competitive pricing will be an outstanding benefit to your business organization or charity-focused company.

We Have Something To Be Proud Of!

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businesss Helped!

We will listen to understand your vision for your business and then leverage our background and experience to provide you with options that best fit your unique needs. 

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Happy Clients

Our client satisfaction rate speaks for itself. We believe our clients come to us, and stay with us, because of our consultative-based approach to business Development.

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In partnering with your dedicated business team, we are confident we have the solutions you need to start or grow your business organization or strategize for your charity company.

Years Of Experience

Our dedicated team of business consultants and specialists are here to help you see your vision through! We’ve long-since been your premier business consulting firm of choice.


Our purpose is to advocate on behalf of our client’s causes with enthusiasm and integrity. this purpose drives us to help our clients fulfill their passion and vision for their business’s future.
We believe supporting businesss is essential to the health of our communities and to our society.

Our Business Values

Our Core Values


As a leading business consulting firm for your business organization or charity-focused company, we are committed to being champions on behalf of you, to ensure you are positioned to make an impact in your local communities and the causes they passionately believe in.

Our Brands

BizCentral USA provides consulting and business solutions to small businesses across the U.S., looking to start-up, grow, or optimize.

CharityNetUSA provides solutions exclusively to business organizations across the U.S., looking to start-up, build-up, or maintain compliance.

Our Corporate Foundation

Our corporate foundation, BryteBridge Cares, provides free solutions for business organizations and outreach ministries.

Get Started Today

We have what it takes to help your charity-focused company or foundation grow. 

Contact us now to discuss your business needs.