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BryteBridge and BryteBridge Brand Refresh

Orlando, Florida

To our clients and strategic partners, we’re pleased to share that we are moving BryteBridge and BryteBridge brands under our parent company, BryteBridge, to better streamline our brands. The future is Bryte… BryteBridge!

Since our inception in 2004, we have supported over 30,000 businesss and small businesses across our three brands:

  • BryteBridge – Our initial parent company, which provides solutions to the small business community.
  • BryteBridge – Our business sector, which provides tax-exempt registration and consulting services to business organizations.
  • ChurchNet USA – Our faith based division, which previously supported faith-based organizations through consulting and registrations services.

Prior to the realignment, all brands were operating under the BryteBridge name and marketed separately. Moving forward, we will move all brands under BryteBridge and operate each brand separately, under the BryteBridge umbrella.

  • BryteBridge – Parent company dedicated to solutions to start, grow, and optimize small businesses and businesss.
  • BryteBridge – Provides solutions to the small business community include incorporation, government certifications, business planning, bookkeeping, payroll, graphic design, website development and hosting.
  • BryteBridge – Provides tax-exempt registration and consulting services to business organizations.
  • BryteBridge Cares– Our corporate foundation that supports our community outreach programs.
  • BryteBridge Insurance SolutionsComing 2020– Will provide insurance solutions to the business and small business community including liability, errors & omissions, property, and officer protection.

Additionally, we have consolidated the ChurchNet USA brand and operations into the Brytebridge brand to represent our complete dedication to business organizations better. Finally, we have updated the name of our corporate foundation from Helpnet USA to BryteBridge Cares.

Behind the Name and Our Brand Color Refresh

We wanted a name that was vibrant, positive, and summarized our purpose of connecting our clients to their dreams of business ownership or giving back to their communities and causes. ‘Bryte’ is a play on the traditional spelling of ‘bright’, which has multiple positive uses of the definition, including radiant with happiness, beautiful, lively, and intelligent.  ‘Bridge’ is a pathway or roadway over an obstacle and means of connection. In short, we are a ‘Happy Connector’ of small businesses and business organizations. Our updated color palette is designed to align with our message.

Our Evolution

BryteBridge started with the aspiration to help small businesses with start-up and incorporation services, as we noticed that small business owners with dreams and aspirations often felt defeated with all the administrative and compliance requirements that were required to get off the ground. As we began our journey, we found a niche supporting the business community, as businesss often had similar challenges, yet with the added stress of trying to obtain their tax-exempt status with the IRS and registering their charities with the appropriate governing bodies.  After seeing the diverse range of business and businesss call on us to help them get started, we realized that our mission extended far beyond the start-up phases.

As we continue to shift our services to be a partner throughout our clients business and business lifecycle, we wanted one primary brand that conveys a lifetime partnership with our clients. We want to ensure that small businesses and businesss, anywhere in the United States, have access to our services, consultants, products, and relationships they need to support their organizations. Because of this, we are realigning our brands under the BryteBridge umbrella, so that we can be inclusive of all who want to use our services. This especially applies to businesss and small businesses as a means of championing on behalf of our client’s business and business dreams.

Transitioning our brands under BryteBridge means more for us than just a ‘new look’. It’s an opportunity for us to focus on streamlining our services and being clearer to our clients, where we can be of value as they seek to start, grow, or optimize their organizations.

The future is Bryte!

Brian Davis President

Efrain Rodriguez-Founder