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Digital & Social Marketing For Small Businesses

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Essential Marketing Tips

A digital marketing strategy is absolutely essential to any business plan. Especially for the growth and longevity of every profit and non-profit organization. This applies not just to ATL (above the line) activities through print and broadcast media. Similarly also to various digital marketing initiatives. The fact of the matter is that success is possible only through the implementation of really dynamic, innovative and smart social marketing solutions.

Highly targeted digital advertising that caters to the right audiences and proper channels can easily help to develop your brand to such an extent that your target audience will become perfectly aware of your mission and aims. There are various ways to spread the word. Let us check out a few of them.

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Content Marketing

These days many experts deem content marketing to be an essential factor in determining if any business or business succeeds on the internet. Basically, great content marketing has the ability to develop the real story of your organization so that it can attract people to your brand. Great content marketing aims to engage your target market and thus derive value-added conversations.

Engaging content can do wonders for your small business in terms of sales and growth. It’s important to cover topics and news in your specific niche or industry. A blog is an excellent way to improve your chances of bringing more traffic to your website and in turn, more customers for your business.

WordPress is a great platform that offers free, customizable blogs. This is a great strategy in improving your results in search engines as well. The biggest authority gets the highest ranking (i.e. shows up first in search engines like Google).

Cover as many topics as you can that pertain to your industry to drive home the point that your company is a subject matter expert. This will also increase your authority and lead to higher rankings in search engines.

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Content Generation

As a small business, it may be quite difficult to create any sort of cost-effective approach that is intrinsically focused on content creation. Marketing of highly relevant, valuable, and consistent piece of content for your target audience.  Since consumer expectations are always constantly changing, actively creating and updating fresh content on both your site as well as social media accounts can quickly become a full-time job.

This is why many small organizations face problems with content generation. Hiring a full-time content creators may be beyond their budget, but at the same time, creating value driven content is pivotal to success. Luckily, there exist many highly professional consultants who focus on digital content creation. They can easily create truly outstanding digital media at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time content writer.

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Social Media Marketing

Thanks to the increasing prevalence of smartphones and their attendant 4G technology, people are permanently logged on to their social media accounts. Consequently social media marketing is so important in today’s world. Furthermore, your target audience is more lucky to trust the content appearing on its feeds than random adverts.

For this reason social media is driven by peers, family and friends. Respectively their opinions matter far more than advertisements created by faceless corporations.

Nevertheless, social media campaign and management can turn out to be a challenging and time-consuming task. unless it is handed over to highly skilled and experienced social media specialists.

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SEO Services

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of affecting your online visibility in search engine results. In other words it expands your organic reach. There are a multitude of factors that affect it and it can easily be overwhelming for a novice. Hiring a contractor or specialist in the field of SEO could greatly improve the chances or your website being picked up quicker in search engines, and therefore, lead to more sales in the long run.

Experts in the field can help optimize your website and content across all platforms to be easily searchable and SEO compliant. SEO is a specific marketing discipline that requires detailed research. It enables growing your visibility in organic search engine results.

SEO includes both the technical and creative elements to improve rankings in search engines.  Because of the in-depth process, it is important to hire professionals with SEO experience if possible.

SEO is critical for gaining the attention of your target audience. Granted that even if you have the very best content online, it will be wasted unless you are able to attract traffic to your site. This is the part where highly skilled SEO managers come into the picture. They will be able to ensure that relevant organic traffic makes its way to your site.

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Research Your Key Audience

The great thing about social media is it can be easily tracked with analytics. Google Analytics can be a valuable tool in your quest to improve your audience engagement. Gain valuable insight and understanding of your company’s current marketing performance.

Analytics make it easy to understand how visitors interact with your website. You can also use Google Analytics to connect with other platforms, such as a CRM or point of sale. This will allow you to get an even more accurate picture of your customers. You can even use it to measure analytics on your blog as well.

It’s important to know which social platforms are good for which type of audience. For example:

  • Facebook and YouTube are great for advertisements because they reach a lot of people all the time.
  • Instagram users are usually younger people under the age of thirty that appreciate eye-catching content and images.
  • Women are the majority users of Pinterest when compared to men.
  • LinkedIn users are well-educated and appreciate industry-specific content.

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Search Your Competitors

It’s important to know where your competitors rank when it comes to online engagement and social media. Research their approach to social media marketing and notice how their followers interact. Take note of what’s working and what’s not. This is important when implementing your own marketing strategy. Determining what’s working for them is a valuable tool for you to take into consideration.

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Digital marketing has many different avenues and ways to increase your brand awareness and traffic to your website. It’s an essential tool for any brand or business if they hope to grow and become successful. Hence if you utilize all the different parts of marketing, you are sure to increase traffic.

Consequently your sales will improve in the long run. Remember, social media marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires updated and frequent changes to be successful.

Use these tips going forward, and you’re sure to crack the social media code in no time. Furthermore if you would like more professional marketing help, BryteBridge would be more than happy to assist you in your marketing efforts. Visit us our website or call for more information 1(407)857-9002.

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