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How Reputation Management Can Change Your Online Presence

The rise of smart devices and the accompanying 3G and 4G technology has put the whole world at our fingertips. Nowadays, people are more interested in learning about customer experiences regarding their products online than by asking their friends and neighbors in the real world.

From Amazon to Ali Express, e-commerce sites have given customers free rein to express their opinions about the products they purchase. This means that an online reputation on both e-commerce sites as well as social media can easily make or break a small business enterprise.

In fact, just a few minutes online can easily tell a potential customer everything they may want to know about a brand’s past performance. Not only that, but they will also be able to learn about the quality and reliability of its products, as well as the way these products perform.

They will be able to ascertain their actual performance as opposed to what their advertising claims, and also what their fellow customers are saying about the brand.  And it is not just products alone that will be up for scrutiny, but also how the company reacts to complaints and its interaction with the community at large.

It takes only a few negative comments or reviews to drive potential leads away from your business.  This is where online reputation management takes center stage.

What is Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is an all-inclusive term that includes all the different aspects and opinions of your products and your brand that are available online. This can include any information that appears on blog posts, websites, social media accounts, videos, and pictures.

In fact, it can include all the data that appears when someone performs a Google search of your brand. If there are positive reviews at the top of the listings, they will motivate people to trust your brand and purchase your products. Conversely, negative reviews will do the opposite and push them away from you and towards competing brands.

Here, it is pertinent to note that a really stellar reputation is a compelling showcase that loudly proclaims to the whole world the sheer excellence of your products. In the long run, it will generate the kind of goodwill you need to maintain a strong brand and thus ensure steady sales all year round.

Positive vs. Negative Reviews

On the other hand, a few bad reviews can easily change people’s perceptions of you. This will translate into the loss of not just prospective clients but even your regular customers.

Always remember that once something goes online, it remains there forever. Since you cannot force people to delete negative reviews, you can at least push them beyond the coveted top ten search results of the more popular search engines.  After all, very few people bother to go beyond the first page or two, and all the positive content that you place online will quickly dominate the negative reviews and opinions.


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