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How To Hire Good Employees For Your Small Business

When you own or operate a small business, you need to wear multiple hats and be the best when performing all of these functions. While you may be excellent at what your business produces or gives as a service, you may not be so great at other aspects like HR, marketing, accounting, or other areas that a business needs to thrive. This is where hiring employees to become part of your team helps take some of the load off you. Learning how to hire good employees for small businesses can’t be rushed to find your A+ workers that will help propel your company towards success.

Write a Detailed Job Description

Too often, small business owners are so eager to get the hiring process rolling that they fail to write a well-detailed job description. Not only should this include a full description of all the work that will be performed by the employee, but it should also include a short history of the company, the goals and mission of the company, benefits and perks for employees, any opportunities for advancement or mentions of regular raises that may be given, and education or experience that is required or preferred. If you need help writing your job description, the best place to start is to find a similar position at a larger, well-established company and take notes from what they have written. They learned how to hire good employees for their business back when it was small.

Offer the Local Going Rate for the Position

Your budget may be tight, but offering pay that is too low compared to similar positions in the area is not how to hire good employees for your small business. Qualified candidates with experience won’t want to settle for low wages, and if they do settle with your company, it may be just until they can find a better offer of employment elsewhere. Keeping good employees means paying a fair wage.

Promote the Benefits and Be Creative with Perks

Even though you are offering an equal wage compared to your competitors, a solid benefits and perks package is highly sought after and is often enough to sway workers to leave a company for another. In today’s times, help with covering medical and dental expenses for themselves and their family is a key benefit. Being a small business, in the hiring process you won’t be able to offer all the perks that other companies can, so get creative. Explore options that your own business can offer employees. Talk to your neighboring businesses, suppliers, and distributors to see what kind of discounts you can offer each other’s workers.

Utilize Your Connections

In the world of business ownership, it is important to make and keep connections in which you may be able to provide mutual benefits to each other in the future. Your industry connections may very well be a good source to find quality employees. LinkedIn is an excellent place to keep track of your connections. You can also post an update on LinkedIn or reach out to individuals within your network to let them know how you are looking to hire good employees for your small business.


Hire People Who Are Strong in Your Weak Areas

When learning how to hire good employees for a small business, you need to understand that you are building a team and not a group of people that are just like you. Though you may not want to admit it, there are things you are not good at. Your team players need to fill those roles and excel where you do not. Utilizing your employees’ strengths is what being a good manager is all about.

Always Check References and Perform Background Checks

When you were looking for jobs for yourself in the past, you likely listed references only to have them report later that they were never contacted about any of your positions. This is a mistake many small businesses make when finding out how to hire good employees for their openings. If you don’t want to call references and perform the background checks yourself, there are companies you can hire that will do it for you.

Use Social Media

Social media is a big part of most people’s lives. Almost everyone has a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or other active social media accounts. Checking on your potential candidates’ social media accounts can give you a small glimpse into their personal life and a better idea of their background. If you need to, check with someone from a younger generation to learn how to use social media to hire good employees for your small business.

Give Multiple Interviews

For even though you are a small business, you want to show that you are a larger and more successful company to hire good employees. That means you need to interview like a pro and give at least two interviews to each candidate. The first interview may be just a phone call. Or, perhaps you have a business partner or acting manager that can give the first interview. The second interview should then be given by the person within your small business who has the final say on the hiring process.

Use a Trial Period

Utilizing a hiring process trial period for your small business is a safeguard. Typically, this may consist of a 90-day period in which you gauge the candidate’s abilities to perform the essential job functions. Companies may not want to start the benefits until after the trial period has ended and they decide to continue employment.

Once you get down the ins-and-outs of how to hire good employees for your small business, you can implement that tactics that worked in future hiring processes. When you find your golden employees, be sure to treat them with respect and continue incentivizing them to stay and become a part of your business family. Learn more about how to start up, grow, and maintain your business with the experts at BryteBridge. Contact us today!