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Small Business Incorporation Services

What is incorporation? Understanding the ins and outs of incorporation as it applies to your small business or start-up is essential. With the help of the incorporation services offered at BryteBridge, you can both benefit and protect your business. Incorporation can be confusing for business newbies, however, so you may need someone to walk you through the process. Utilize the incorporated services at BryteBridge to jump-start your company.

Types of Incorporation

Before you can choose a type of incorporation, you need to know what incorporation is and what it can do for your business. BryteBridge can help you choose between a Corporation and a Limited Liability Company, or LLC. They each come with their own set of advantages, but it depends on the nature and size of your business. Call us today to discuss which one is right for you.

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The Benefits of Incorporation

Engaging in our incorporation services can save you money and protect your new company. For starters, incorporation is essential for separating your business from your personal assets, which serves to protect them both. The owner of an unincorporated business becomes the sole proprietor, meaning that the owner is liable for any debt that the business incurs.

Your business won’t be tied to you under incorporation. Even if you decide to step down or approach a new venture, your incorporated business will still exist.

Incorporated services can also offer tax flexibility. As the owner of an incorporated business or an LLC, you can save on your federal and state taxes. You can also save on your payroll taxes. In fact, your business might be eligible for certain tax-free benefits.

Minimize Liability

Both business corporations and LLCs allow owners to separate and protect their personal assets. If you operate a business as an unincorporated sole proprietorship, your ownership in the business means you’re liable for all of the business’ debt.

Perpetual Existence

In a partnership or sole proprietorship, a company’s life is tied to the life and participation of the owner(s). Corporations and LLCs can continue to exist if the ownership or management changes.

Tax Flexibility

Incorporation can save business owners federal and state income taxes as well as federal payroll taxes. C corporations can provide their employees, including shareholder-employees, with rich, tax-free fringe benefits. S corporations allow shareholders to avoid the corporate income tax on business profits and may even allow shareholder-employees to reduce the payroll taxes (Social Security and Medicare taxes).

Deductible Expenses

By incorporating your business, you may deduct regular business expenses, such as employee salaries, before they allocate income to owners.

Now that you know what incorporation is and how it can benefit your small business, we can help you get started with the incorporation process. Schedule a consultation with BryteBridge today.

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