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Mobile Apps For Business: Is It Worth The Expense?

Business and corporations are becoming highly digitized due to advancement in technology and the world becoming a global village. And one of the most popular ways to conduct business is through mobile apps.

We all carry mobile devices with us in the form of phones and tablets. And now, the business world has begun to turn away from paper leaflets, print advertisements and commercial advertising to the mobile world. If you’re wondering whether to invest in a mobile app for your business, let us help you decide.

Increase Brand Awareness

A business app exclusively for your company will help to increase brand awareness. An app requires specific themes, a personalized logo and other features that are unique to your business. In other words, a business app provides an environment which is exclusively for the business and its customers, encouraging trust, loyalty and exclusivity. It’s a great way to establish your brand as unique and one-of-a-kind.

In this way, your brand identity will become more concrete and known amongst the customers, and you’ll be easily recognizable amongst your competitors. This helps to create a strong relationship between your brand and customers and helps to further your brand’s identity.

Provide More Value to Your Customers Increase

The average American uses their mobile device for more than two hours a day. What does this tell you about your customers?

Using mobile apps, businesses can create loyalty programs by letting customers collect points and take advantage of deals and promotions. Your business details like addresses, menus, catalogs and merchandise are all combined in one interface, reducing the need for search engines because of easy-to-access information.

In other words, a mobile app makes customers put less effort into knowing about you, and the impatient customer of today will be highly grateful for the app. This also allows you to enlarge your audience and encourage customers to engage with your business.

Increased Sales

According to research, 35.4% of the Black Friday sales were conducted over mobile devices, with the number increasing every year.

A mobile app negates the need for a secondary site to complete commands. Mobile apps also use push notifications to keep your customers engaged and informed about any sales or discounts that they’ve been looking forward to.

Another benefit that makes mobile apps a favorite amongst customers is the ability to make mobile payments. Mobile payments have made shopping much easier and a seamless process for shoppers all over the world – and all of this is possible via establishing a mobile app.

A Great Marketing and Communication Channel

Mobile apps are great at attracting customers towards the brand through various marketing strategies, like announcing campaigns or flash sales.

It’s an intelligent way to keep customers constantly engaged with your app and increase their likelihood of purchasing form your brand. It’s also a great way to receive feedback from your customers because a mobile app for business provides the opportunity to get in touch with the business representative directly.

All of these work together to create your brand’s rapport and establish a trusting relationship with your clientele. This ultimately helps retain customers and increase their loyalty to your brand.

Great Analytics

Mobile apps record the activity of your customers by seeing which products are most viewed and which garner feedback. It also shows how much time they spend on the app and which features of the business app are the most popular.

This helps you understand the customers’ experience with regards to your brand. It helps you collect useful information that you can use to increase their attention towards your enterprise.

Understanding customer behavior, preferences and activity also help to make better forecasts for future productions and show which avenues are the best ones to invest in. Customer feedback will also help shape your idea of what your customers like and how to make improvements to increase sales.

Competitive Advantage

Not all companies invest properly in their mobile apps or sites. A great mobile app for business helps you stand above your competition and works as a brilliant marketing tool to increase sales.

An app with a user-friendly interface, easy navigation, seamless command procession and visually appealing features is a favorite amongst customers – and customizing it every now and then is not such a hefty investment either! It increases the chances of customers using your app for longer!

Optimize Your Business Processes

You can also create business apps for employee and team interactions for monitoring, communicating and managing purposes.
These mobile apps can be effectively used to cut down costs of communications and can save time on various processes that could be hampered by lack of organization, which is curbed by mobile apps. In fact, using mobile apps to communicate internally is quite a popular way for businesses to optimize their processes and work cohesively together.

Investing in Mobile Business Apps is Definitely Worth It

In today’s competitive world of finance and business, it’s important to use innovative ways to increase the visibility and recognition of your brand. It’s also vital to keep customers constantly engaged and interested to maintain their loyalty and their preference for you.

Investing in a mobile app for business promises just that. Although it requires a little bit of capital, it’s a venture that promises a great return on investment and keeps your customers connected.

Besides, with every other person carrying a smart phone, the quickest way to catch a potential or existing customer’s attention is through their mobile device. And what better way to do that than a well crafted, engaging and visually appealing business app for their phones?

If you would like help getting an app for your business, contact the small business experts at BryteBridge at 877-857-9002.