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The Principles of Small Business Branding and How it Applies To You

According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), the definition of branding is “customer experience, represented by a collection of images and ideas and taken together they refer to a symbol such as a name, logo, slogan and design scheme.” All of the above factors have to be in absolute harmony in order to create brand recognition or ‘top of the mind recall’ of your brand in the mind of the end consumers.

This is why if you want your brand to succeed, then it is extremely important that you develop a really powerful brand identity to go with your products and/or services.

In fact, really effective branding can go a long way in helping to build and subsequently maintain a solid reputation around which you will be able to place the whole edifice of your small business entity.  One of the key advantages of creating a strong brand identity is that you will be able to stand out from your many competitors operating in the same market. Apart from that, your brand’s very own intrinsic identity will also be able to project your core values on to your target market.  

Ultimately, your brand will become synonymous with your business identity and thus, you will be able to create and maintain the image that you actively want to portray to your target audience.  Once your end customers have a solid grasp of your core values and identity, they will become loyal to your brand, and this loyalty is what small business branding is all about.  

Tips and Tricks

Let us check out a few tips on how to create the perfect small business brand that will enable you to stand out in a sea of competition.

Decide on a Specific Niche

One of the worst things that any small business enterprise should attempt is to try and become ‘everything for everyone.’ This way, you will spread yourself too thin to remain relevant to your target audience. Once you lose focus, the odds are that you will end up attracting far fewer customers than before.

However, choosing a specific niche will mean that you bring all your resources and focus on that particular market segment. In the process, your brand values will also stand by the values of the target audience. Let us take the example of the Nike brand. Just about everyone has heard of this iconic sportswear manufacturer. Their brand is centered around their logo and their slogan— a ‘tick mark’ and “just do it” respectively. They reflect a certain ‘can do’ attitude that resonates with their young and happening target audience. Since sportsmen and their followers are always trying to excel at whatever they do, this attitude endears the brand to its main target market.

Branding and Its Influence on Website Design 

Everyone has a website in today’s increasingly well-connected world. However, merely having a website is completely different from creating a site that adequately reflects your brand and your values. As a matter of fact, it is absolutely imperative that you create a website that will be a graphical representation of your brand.

After all, if someone is interested in your products and services, the internet is where they will try and find you first. If your site is not powerful enough or does not reflect their values and aspirations, they will move on and you will lose a potential customer. If you want to generate positive leads, then you have to look at the concept of cause and effect.

Once the prospect comes to your side, he has to feel a sense of ‘felt deprivation.’ This means that he has to feel deprived enough to purchase your product to get rid of this feeling. This is only possible if your brand can appeal to his own values to such an extent that he simply has to acquire your product. A static website will not be able to pull this off, which is why it is important that your site should have the following characteristics:

  • Social media icons with appropriate links and hyperlinks
  • Core pages including Products and Services, About us, Customer Testimonials and a prominent Contact Us page
  • A neat, clean and simple design
  • Videos, if any
  • Call to actions (CTA)
  • Sign-up forms

Outsourcing Graphic Design Services

In order to create that ideal branding experience and identity for your small business start-up, it is necessary to obtain highly professional marketing collateral that has already been customized to cater to your specific audience. The marketing materials have to be designed for the express purpose of attracting the attention of your target. This applies across the board, from your website to your logo. Without professional graphic designers, branding your business will be a difficult task.

As a start-up business, it is very important that you are always able to adequately position yourself in your customers’ minds. This will spur them to choose ‘you’ over your competition. Your branding activities should not be limited to the logo and colors alone, but it should encompass all the other aspects of your brand experience. This can include your mission statement, your vision, your brochures, pamphlets and other marketing materials. In fact, everything that you release for public consumption should bear an aspect of your brand identity.

Why Choose Us?

BryteBridge specializes in developing custom, creative and appealing logos, business cards, and other essential marketing collateral for small business owners. Graphic design is the first step to establishing a unique image of your business. A strong brand identity is essential to growing a business.

Moving forward in graphic design services with BryteBridge is a step towards advancing the image of your business, keeping your collateral and messaging consistent throughout its existence. We can help with small business logos, flyers, brochures, and much more. Our qualified consultants have extensive experience in document preparation for businesses and personal branding. We can complete both state and federal documents for your organization and guarantee their approval, as well as assist in the design process.

Some key benefits of using us:

  • Affordable Pricing: Our services are priced to accommodate your businesses budget while still including all necessary items for your organization.
  • Professional Quality: We pride ourselves on the professional-grade quality work completed by our consultants, and guarantee 100% satisfaction.
  • Full-Service Options: We do our document preparation services in house, providing our customers with consistent professional service, quality, and quick turnaround.
  • Streamlined Process: We prepare your documents in a timely manner, allowing you to receive your services within 10-15 days after receiving all necessary documents.
  • Complementing Services: We offer a variety of services, including payroll, bookkeeping, tax preparation and more all for an affordable price!
  • Experienced Staff: We have gained an exceptional amount of experience in document preparation due to our low-prices, allowing you to be prepared for audits, annual reporting, fund-leveraging and financial planning. We are experts when it comes to filing for businesses.
  • Long-Term Relationship: Because we offer many services, our goal is to win our clients with great pricing and fanatical customer service to enable a long-term relationship.


Regardless of size, any company can instantly gain a level of reliability and professionalism by developing and defining their brand. By having a well thought out brand identity, you can sell your company to the consumer faster than any salesman or tri-fold brochure could ever attempt. For your brand identity to be successful it has to stand out in a positive and dynamic way. Brand identity is like making a good first impression.

Brand identity is a huge part of your company. A successful brand identity is one which transcends the simple representation of your business and turns your company image into one that can be easily recognized with personal associations. It is important to understand that a brand’s visual identity goes far beyond aesthetics. Many view a logo as simply decoration, but when done correctly, a logo is a representation of the elements of a brand. It reflects a brand’s personality. It is what consumers remember & the first thing that comes to mind when they picture your brand.

A successful brand identity brings life to your company, helping customers to discover exactly what they’ve been missing and inviting them to become a part of something both beautiful and valid. In our visual culture, a successful brand identity is increasingly vital to the success of your business.

The culture of the 21st century is portrayed by its heavy reliance on visual cues. This is why a highly successful brand identity is critical to the overall success of your business. The experts at BryteBridge are adept at all the different types of small business branding activities and can easily design flyers, logos brochures, and other types of branding collateral for your business. Build a brand identity with the experts today.