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Small Business Resources

Resources for Women in Business

Women-owned small businesses have ample resources at their disposal, but first, you have to know where to look. BryteBridge is a go-to resource to get you started and help you bring your idea to life, but you will also need financial backing, funding, grants, and additional assistance. Knowing what’s available to you and where you can find money, information, and mentors are essential for the success of your business, no matter what you’re bringing to the table.

BryteBridge has curated a list of guides, programs, and women-owned business loans for small businesses and female entrepreneurs who are eager to take their first steps. Remember that you can reach out to us at any step of the way to answer your questions, offer advice, and point you in the right direction. After bookmarking the organizations that will be most beneficial to you, give us a call to schedule a consultation with us about your ideas, your goals, and your business plan.

The Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration, or the SBA, is one of the most well-known organizations for small businesses in general and women-owned small businesses in particular. Female entrepreneurs can attend training seminars that will teach them how to develop their business, where to find capital, how to build their credit, and how to get access to numerous contracts, including federal and government contracts.

Business owners can contact the SBA no matter where they are in the process of starting their business. It’s fantastic for brand new business owners who are just beginning their adventure, but if you’re already semi-established and run into a problem, then the SBA can also help you. Make sure to check out their guides and counseling services aimed solely toward women in business.

The National Association of Women Business Owners


For a female-centric organization, turn your attention to the National Association of Women Business Owners. It’s a nationally recognized group that works to help female business owners around the United States. The existence of learning platforms online offers a convenience factor. You can spend time at home or in the office learning about negotiation skills, business strategies, and marketing ideas. The NAWBO can also teach you where to find women-owned business loans and other financial resources that can fund your business and get you on your feet.

The National Women’s Business Council

The National Women’s Business Council, or NWBC, strives to address the impact that women-owned small businesses make. The council can introduce you to accelerators who can share valuable information and tips. It also hosts a variety of popular business-based competitions, along with conferences that can expand your knowledge and expertise.

It’s worthwhile to look into their training programs, as well as their opportunities for executive education. The council maintains an online calendar that you can view to keep up with their events. Some of them take place online, which is essential for busy entrepreneurs. However, there are also events that occur in cities all across the country, so you can keep an eye out for anything that’s taking place near you.

The Lean In Network


In the spirit of leaning in, an idea and a philosophy put forth by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, the Lean In Network is all about empowering women. In addition to writing a book of the same name aimed toward women entrepreneurs, Sheryl founded the Lean In Network, as well.

Joining the network is easy, and once you’ve done so, you have the opportunity to find a “circle” of like-minded women and business owners. You can search for a local circle of female entrepreneurs in your area or join a national circle. Whichever path you choose, it will put you in contact with businesswomen across the United States. They fill every possible niche, including engineering, politics, and technology.

You can also find a circle that’s geared toward your discipline. There are ample resources for women-owned business loans and financial assistance, as well. You can get tips about incorporating your business or building your web presence. More importantly, you’ll be in contact with smart, capable women who can support you in your business endeavors and everything that goes along with that.

The Female Founders Association

The Female Founders Association exists to fill a void in the United States, where only 17 percent of companies are founded or run by women. That number inspired the founders behind the FFA to create a network of female entrepreneurs, for female entrepreneurs.

Their main aim is to help with the development of women-owned small businesses. Going a step further, the FFA seeks to support women who are interested in building their own start-up companies. At the moment, the organization operates strictly in the Pacific Northwest as a physical entity, but businesswomen from all over the United States can apply for the organization through its online network. Because it’s an excellent way to network with other women in your industry, it can put you in touch with people who can help or mentor you.

Awesome Women Entrepreneurs


For businesswomen who crave a smaller, closer, more intimate networking environment, Awesome Women Entrepreneurs is a can’t-miss resource. AWE keeps the environment more casual, yet the organization provides a wealth of knowledge about getting started with your business, accessing women-owned business loans, and how to get through the day-to-day reality of owning a business, such as bookkeeping.

AWE is different from other organizations because the meetings are more like club get-togethers than professional events. Members often meet in each other’s homes or at local businesses.

You can also find must-have information about beginning and funding a women-owned small business at BryteBridge. We can let you know the certifications, forms, and permissions you need, how to fund your business, and how to transition from an abstract idea into an actual, successful business. If you’re ready to start up, grow, and maintain your business, then call now to schedule a consultation and share your ideas with us.