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Small Business Grants For Veterans

Small business grants for veterans are not that hard to come by. In fact, there are loans out there that you may be eligible for without realizing it. The skills that veterans have developed over their years of service give them a unique point of view, which can jump-start any small business. This is why grants for veterans to start a business are a hot topic right now.

Below, we’re going to walk through all of the best grants and loans that are available for veterans so that you can know your options before starting your small business. One thing to remember prior to researching any funding options is to have a well-thought-out business plan and concept; all grants and loans will ask for that and how you intend to be profitable. If you get stuck along the way, BryteBridge is always here to help.

StreetShare Foundation

The StreetShare Foundation is an excellent resource if you are searching for small business grants for veterans. Not only do they offer lines of credit, government-contract financing to be utilized for payroll, and any equipment needed to set up, but they also offer term loans. With all of the financing options available, the StreetShare Foundation is an excellent start for any vet looking to start a business.

VA Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU)

When you are first digging into grants for veterans to start a business, it can be overwhelming. However, the OSDBU makes it easy. This company offers assistance to those looking for more information on grants and can assist with putting you in touch with the right people. You will need to register with their office to be added to their records for consideration and information.

Boots to Business

Understanding small business grants for veterans can get a bit complicated sometimes. Fortunately, Boots to Business is a free training program that is veteran-specific. It starts with a two-day in-person course that goes over the very basics of owning a business. Once you complete that, there are several online courses that you can enroll in to keep the education coming. Joining Boots to Business will help you increase your knowledge not just in grants, but in owning a business in general and everything it entails.

Hivers and Strivers

Offering grants for veterans to start a business is the specialty at Hivers and Strivers. Hivers and Strivers is an angel fund designed to assist military academy graduates with their small businesses, even if they are getting grants from somewhere else. You can easily submit your information to their website to find out if your idea qualifies for a grant that can range anywhere from $250,000 to 1 million dollars per round.

VA Small Business Grants

If you are searching for business grants for veterans that cater to non-profit organizations, the Department of Veteran Affairs Small Business Grants is the organization for you. This grant money will never have to be repaid. However, there are some strict guidelines that you will have to follow. Before applying for a grant like this, you will want to review any guidelines to ensure that your business complies.

Idea Cafe Grants

Finding grants for veterans to start a business is effortless when you have a list from which to pick. Idea Cafe Grants is a great place to begin your search, as vets can qualify for up to $1,000 in aid, whether they have started a business already or if they are looking to start one. One of the things you’ll notice that is different from other companies is that Idea Cafe has relaxed qualifications. As long as you have a business plan, you can apply on their website. There is no entry fee to apply. If you qualify, they’ll get back to you quickly and even provide you with creative solutions.

Veterans Business Fund

VBF has a concrete foundation that was made to assist people in finding small business grants for veterans. These grants were designed for starting or expanding businesses for veterans specifically. There is one stipulation, though: you have to fundraise. That’s primarily because the foundation was designed to help assist with the financial hole veterans often face when starting their businesses. This company does not offer grants, but it does provide loans that have no interest.

Veteran Entrepreneur Portal

Often, it can get a bit confusing as you delve into all of the grants for veterans. The Veteran Entrepreneur Portal makes it easier to understand. This portal does not directly offer to fund your business, but the company does connect eligible veterans with available grants and even education on starting a small business. This company will assist with guiding vets through every step of a startup and what it takes to own a business.

Let’s say that you’ve exhausted all options when searching for small business grants for veterans. That is where comes into play. This site is a database hub for everything about grant programs, what the plans entail, the policies and procedures to apply, and you can even track your application after you submit it. While is not limited just to vets, it does contain information about every grant out there and lets you search for what you might be eligible for; there are 1,000 different programs on this site.

Self-Employment Grants for Service-Disabled Veterans

Grants for veterans to start a business can be found through Self-Employment Grants for Service-Disabled Veterans. Service-disable vets who are looking to start their own business should begin here. With this company, you will need a well-thought-out business development plan. When you apply for a grant like this, you will be separated into two categories to help determine the amount of funding that would be available to you.

Starting a business can be scary, and finding the right small business grants for veterans is not always a piece of cake. This list is just the start, so be sure to do additional research, have a solid business plan, and also get in touch with a financial advisor to ensure that you are choosing the right grant for your business. You can call BryteBridge, as well, to ask our qualified experts any questions you have about starting a business, running it from the inside out, and putting together your business plan.