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Starting A Business in California

Starting a business in California can be challenging in the beginning. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a professional artist, every person wishes to get the taste of “the Cali life.” A perfect vacation spot, California is also the state where financial dreams come true. With its business-friendly policies and tax laws, it sees a significant influx of businesspeople eager to set up their businesses in one of the state’s big cities.

Planning your business takes time and requires you to pay attention to every critical detail, regardless of how small it is. Careful planning helps you ensure that your business is registered correctly and that you have met all the legal requirements. BryteBridge is here to help you to turn your big business ideas for California into a reality.

Forming the LLC

Many business owners create a limited liability company as it has a more lenient tax structure than the other options. When starting a business in California, the member(s) of the company will have to file the Articles of Organization (Form LLC-1) with the California Secretary of State. Once the articles are approved, you will have to hold an Organizational Meeting where members will issue Member Certificates and sign on the company’s Operating Agreement.

Filing Fee

The fee for filing the Articles is $70.00. However, here is the thing: processing the documents through the state may take a while. To expedite services, the papers should be submitted in person. With an additional fee of $15.00, you can avail priority service and get the approval in a short time. Remember, business ideas in California are plenty, but you want to understand how to create your own LLC first and everything it entails.

File a DBA

DBA – also called “doing business as” – is a distinct identity that your business has. If you are a convenience store owner, for example, you will have to choose a name that doesn’t match your existing competitors. Think about the name when you are starting a business in California. You’ll want something that will catch the eye. This will also help the state with tax purposes. The duplicity of the name will create confusion in the system.

Hire a Professional Registered Agent

When you are brainstorming about business ideas in California, you should consider hiring a registered professional agent. Hiring a Registered Agent is optional, but here is how this step may help you. Many business owners list their business or home address on their Articles of Organization. The problem with this is that your location will become public. To prevent this from happening, many business owners seek out a Registered Agent. All relevant documents are sent to the latter’s address, who then forwards it to your address. 

Also, this helps you to update your address if you move. If your home or business address is listed in the Articles, you will have to go through a lengthy process to update your address. With a Registered Agent, you can simplify these things.

Wrapping It Up

Starting a business in California is a breeze once you know what you are doing. Once you have registered your business and obtained a license, you are now free to conduct your business legally in California. Just remember to stay in compliance, and you’ll be good to go.

At BryteBridge, our qualified consultants have extensive experience in document preparation for businesses. We can complete both state and federal documents for your organization and guarantee their approval.

If you are interested in starting a business in California, please do not hesitate to contact the qualified start-up experts at BryteBridge.