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The Basics of Social Media Management

There was a time when social media was considered a mere blip on the horizon of the marketing world. The advertising and marketing agencies were heavily fixated on the usual ATL (above the line) and BTL (below the line) marketing activities. This is because most people were sure that social media was simply a fad that would run its course and eventually disappear. However, such assessments were entirely incorrect, and as we know, social media is one of the most important aspects of any well-rounded marketing plan.


Generate Awareness

If you own a small business, you will undoubtedly be well aware that your social media marketing and management strategies can generate awareness about your brand’s products and services. If executed properly, such a plan will not only enable you to attract new customers but also gain an understanding of exactly what your target audience wants from you. You can use this knowledge to create actionable intelligence which you can use to further modify your products and services in line with market expectations.

However, social media management can be a highly challenging as well as a time-consuming proposition especially since it will entail multiple postings across different platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest and other popular networks.

It will not be easy as you will have to answer the questions of individual customers on your social feeds while trying to run your business at the same time. Any mistake can mar the reputation of your brand since it can be shared and re-tweeted across the world.


Participation is Key

Here, it is pertinent to note that social media trends are constantly changing, and customer expectations vary from day-to-day. This is why commenting on your feeds and participating on all your pages and networks can become a heavy responsibility.


Any well-designed and carefully executed social media strategy has the potential to increase traffic to your store’s website. This, in turn, will lead to a rapid increase in your sales volume. All this holds particularly true if your comments and tweets ‘go viral.’ That is, they are shared and reshared by your target audience so rapidly that everybody has your brand’s name on their lips.

This is why a comprehensive social networking campaign can no longer be seen as a luxury but a necessity if you want to ensure the success of your business.


Hire the Experts

Now is the part where a social media consultancy comes into the picture. Such a service provider can help you in the following ways:

  • Setting up different social media accounts
  • Social media engagement
  • Website branding
  • Social media management
  • YouTube videos and
  • Content creation


We at BryteBridge have the experience as well as the expertise to create the ultimate winning strategy for all your social media management activities. Just give us a call, and we will handle the rest.

BryteBridge offers a free marketing consultation that will help you better understand the marketing and social media options available to you. Our qualified consultants have extensive experience marketing small businesses. Our social media management services can save you time and money. Our low prices and experience make BryteBridge the best option to help business owners nationwide with their marketing needs!

Some Key Benefits of Using Us:

  • Affordable Pricing: Our services are priced to accommodate your business and budget while still including all necessary items for your organization.
  • Professional Quality: We pride ourselves on the professional-grade quality work completed by our consultants, and guarantee 100% satisfaction.
  • Complementing Services: We offer a variety of services, including payroll, bookkeeping, tax preparation and more all for an affordable price.
  • Long-Term Relationship: Because we offer many services, our goal is to win our clients with great pricing and fanatical customer service to enable a long-term relationship.