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Top 6 Tools For Small Business Owners Seeking Advice

You Are Not Alone

As a business owner you know running a small business can be overwhelming. Having to do a little bit of everything can take a toll on anybody. Moreover it’s very important to realize that we don’t have to know all the answers. The trick is when you don’t know the answer, you just have to know who to ask.

Furthermore successful entrepreneurs seek advice when they face a challenge. In order to achieve business success the most important step is asking for help. Statistically, women are more likely to seek business advice. 69% percent women vs. 47% percent of the time for men. Here’s some background on the most common tools business owners use for advice.

Individual Mentors

American Express conducted a survey with the purpose to provide marketing tips for business owners. This survey states that individual mentors are the number one tool for advice. Below is the percentage on how the other tools fared.

  • 52% percent of business owners reach out for mentor ship
  • 51% percent from social networks,
  • 44% percent from trade associations,
  • 36% percent from business advisers,
  • 31% percent from the Internet and
  • 27% percent from the Chambers of Commerce.

Individual mentors are often friends, family, or other business owners. People who have undergone similar struggles in their own businesses. There’s definitely positive results that come from asking someone who has been through the ringer.

A common practice is for individual mentors let business owners learn from their experience. Allowing the necessary time to prevent small issues from becoming disasters. They often provide sound advice without being solicited. Below is a list of various forms.

  • Individual mentor,
  • Companies,
  • businesss,
  • Groups dedicated to pairing up seasoned business mentors with new business owners.

Social Networks

Social networks aren’t limited to finding out the latest dish on your friends or celebrity gossip. Nowadays they are a path to success. It’s becoming more common for social networking sites to provide the tools start ups need. Where they provide solutions for owners. Issues that personally affect them. Some of the more popular sites for businesses include:

  • PartnerUp – Find business partners, opportunities to get involved in businesses.
  • Cofoundr – Cofoundr is a private community for entrepreneurs.
  • Killer Startups – Reviewing new startups.
  • LinkedIn – Business networking that strengthens and extends your existing network of trusted contacts.
  • Ryze – Business networking.
  • StartupNation – Provides real-world business advice to people who want to start a business.
  • Startupping – Community resource created for Internet entrepreneurs.
  • UpSpring – Business networking.

Trade Associations

A trade association is founded and financed by business leaders that operate in a specific niche industry.They provide advice for business owners from people that have already been down that path. Traditionally, industry trade associations focus on various activities such as:

  • Public relations,
  • Advertising,
  • Education,
  • Political donations,
  • Lobbying
  • Publishing to benefit the category as a whole.

Usually the goal of industry associations is to create standardization through the collaboration of companies. One of the many benefits of participating in an association is the events. Usually organized events allow small business owners to networks with others. They can teach vital things anyone should know before starting a business.

Business Advisors

Often time business owners who are uncertain about issues consult with a professional business consultant or lawyer. It is important to look at the credentials of anyone who is offering start up advice. What is there specific degree or expertise? How long have they been in the sector? Are they registered to provide you the service (important for lawyers and accountants)?


One of the most popular tools for small business owners is online forums. Not only are online forums free. Entrepreneurs can seek advice at there leisure. A double edge tool is that anyone can post. Follow the guidelines by industry leaders. We recommend to take into consideration various opinions.

Chamber of Commerce

One of the most popular and perhaps best-known social networks is the Chamber of Commerce. Generally speaking it’s defined as a group of small business owners, who equally have the goal to further the interests of businesses. Local businesses are members, and they elect a board of directors or executive council to set policy for the chamber. Most chamber of commerce groups have a fee to join and take part in privileges.


Combining these resources for information is the best way to ensure you receive the most benefit from them. Business owners who stay on top of trends usually ask others who have more experience. These business owners are usually more likely to succeed. At BryteBridge we have
professionals who can help with advice on important topics from management to human resources. Please click here for additional details.