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Website Testimonials and How They Can Help Your Business

When it comes to running a business, especially a startup, you need to build its credibility and reputation through strategic marketing and most importantly, reviews and testimonials from customers. Running a business is not as easy as it used to be. Everything has gone digital, and in order to boost brand awareness and increase business growth, you need others to do the marketing for you. This is where website testimonials come in.

Big brands stay ahead because they not only provide quality products and services but also make sure that their customers talk about them. If you want to know why website testimonials are so important for your business growth, here are some reasons why you should have them.

Customers Want Social Proof

Potential customers need reassurance and proof that the decision they are making in using your services is the correct one. Hence, the first thing anyone does after going through your website is reading all the testimonials. They especially get interested if they see someone with authority endorsing or approving your products or services. They also like reading testimonials from people that belong to the same industry.

Website testimonials offer proof to people that the brand they are investing in is the one that will live up to its name. Indecisive customers get convinced after they read just a handful of positive website testimonials. According to research, 93% of people read at least 5-10 testimonials or reviews online before making a decision.

They Build a Brand’s Trust

If you want business growth, you need to grab the attention of new customers and leads on a regular basis. This is why website testimonials help in building your brand’s trust among potential customers. Your existing customers talk about how well they were catered to and why they would continue to use your products or services in the website testimonial. This sets the tone for a long-lasting and trusting relationship with you and your new customers in the long-run.

They Add a Human Touch

When you have website testimonials for your business, you are putting in the human element. Your brand is just not another company trying to generate sales and increase its profit by luring in more customers. In fact, it actually shows that you care about what your customers think of you and you are proud to show it to the world as well. This is where flaunting your reputation as one of the best in the market seems alright. If you have pictures of people, it makes things even better as others can actually see the other people that have used your products or services. This also increases the likeability factor for your brand and helps in creating and expanding your customer base.

Website Testimonials Tell a Powerful Story

Marketing has always been about telling a story in different ways. There are dozens of the same type of product in the market but what sets the most popular brand apart is how they tell their story. As human beings, we love to listen to a great story, be it in the form of books or movies. Hence, injecting the story-telling factor in the form of website testimonials helps people to choose your brand.

Website testimonials are like mini-stories that different individuals are telling about your brand. To craft interesting and compelling website testimonials, you must always ask them the right questions. Avoid asking yes or no based questions and ask the ones that encourage bigger answers.

They Help You Maintain Your Online Reputation

Website testimonials give you some leverage over maintaining your online reputation and credibility because you can’t control what is being said on other online review platforms such as Yelp or social media pages. You can use and highlight the positive experience your customers had with you in the form of website testimonials and create an effective ethos.

Website Testimonials from Influential Figures Take Things up a Notch

Want your business growth to take a huge boost?  Website testimonials from well-known figures or industry leaders will help you get just that. Your products and services may be great, but if they are not getting the attention they deserve, then getting in touch with an influencer or industry expert will reverse the situation. Just one or two website testimonials from these people and you will see the sales skyrocket.

Buying Involves Emotions

Buying is always an emotional process. There are many emotional states one can go through before taking the leap and purchasing something using their hard-earned money. Your job is to help the consumers channel their emotions in a positive way through the help of website testimonials. Once they read at least a few of them, their emotions will be steered towards a positive direction about your brand as well. It will also create a personal connection between you and them because they will be able to relate to similar people using your products and services.

Website Testimonials Highlight Your Expertise

If you want your business’s strengths to be highlighted in the most effective way, you need to let others describe it for you. Website testimonials do exactly that and so much more. They will not only act as reviews but also shed light on where your industry skills lie. Every customer will have their own experience that they will share, and it will effectively impact your business growth.

Are you looking to take your brand to the next level by using website testimonials? Have your sales and lead generation been stuck in a rut? Contact BryteBridge today for our help!